About Us

Who We Are

Nigerianews.org.ng is an upcoming yet dogged media outlet with the potential to always keep our audience informed on political, lifestyle, business, and entertainment activities around the country.

What We Envisage

To be a captain in the media industry through the continuous provision of unique and informative content.

Our Objective

  • To be a media platform that serves timely information.

  • To use our platform to checkmate injustice, oppression, and other societal ills through objective concerns and accurate analysis & inquiry.

  • To ensure the accountability of government and policy makers on issues affecting the general populace.

  • To keep the Public in total awareness of every topical issue affecting the country.

  • To prevent media sabotage and ensure timely deliverability of honest information.


Our Target Audience

  • Everyday Nigerians

  • Political Actors

  • Entertainers

  • Policymakers

  • Civil Society groups

Our Main Categories

  • Politics

  • Business

  • Sports

  • Entertainment

  • Education

  • World News

Our Goal

  • To provide sensible and sensitive information as it affects Nigerians.

  • Ensuring clarity in every provided information.

  • Providing contents that are enlightening, entertaining, and expository.


Our Position

  • Providing visibility and portability – information at your fingertips.

  • Ardent fact checkers as we’d not be liable to erroneous information making the rounds on the internet or website.

  • A dogged and consistent media platform with potential to best other industry giants.