Types of Kisses to Step Up Your Make-Out Game

Types of Kisses to Step Up Your Make-Out Game: 20 you should try

In spite of the fact that kissing appears fairly simple, it has a number of subtle nuances. Maybe you’re ready to try something new now that you’ve mastered the perfect French kiss. It could be that you are looking for new ways to kiss (and if you want to practice your technique, we have you covered with our ultimate make-out guide). There are all kinds of kisses you can learn and use during your next smooch, regardless of whether you’re an expert or just a novice. In this article,  I will be discussing about the Types of Kisses to Step Up Your Make-Out Game and 20 you should try.

It’s not just about steamy make-outs when it comes to kissing. Before anything else, make sure you and your partner understand where the boundaries lie, what you’re comfortable with, and what you enjoy together. Forehands, cheeks, and wrist kisses, for example, are still intimate, and sensual, and express the message “I’m super into you,” however in a more affectionate and tender way.

You are about to learn 20 types of kisses that will take your kissing game to the next level. We do not include chapstick.

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Kiss on the lips

You might think a lip kiss is pretty basic, but it’s an intimate and playful move that leaves your partner wanting more. It’s just a matter of kissing your partner’s top lip while they kiss your bottom (or switching it up).

French Kiss


There is nothing more classic than a French kiss. In order to make out successfully, the tongue, saliva, and movement must be used in the right amounts. You may need to practice a few techniques before you are able to master French kissing. Therefore, don’t be shy about asking your partner if you can practice some different ones.

Kiss on the forehead

A smooch on the forehead may not be the sexiest kiss on the planet, but it’s an adorable and tender kiss all the same. Because of its affectionate and caring nature, forehead kisses are usually shared with someone special.

Kissing the neck

A few neck kisses are probably in order if you and your significant other are in the middle of a hot and heavy make-out session. Adding this move to your relationship can completely enhance your sensuality.

Kiss of Peck

Giving someone a peck is like reaching out for a simple, light kiss. No matter how non-passionate it might seem, don’t worry, it’s still a very intimate gesture. In most cases, a peck is your first kiss with someone new – it signals romantic interest and attraction without being overpowering.

Kiss on the cheek

It is customary to kiss someone on the cheek when you greet a family member, friend, or someone you’ve just met. Alternatively, it can be a way for your significant other to tell you he or she loves you (or a way of saying hello if you don’t like PDA), or a polite gesture that could trick your crush into thinking it’s a great idea to hang out.

Bite Kiss

Consider incorporating a nibble into your French kiss for an extra special touch. When you are making out with your partner, very gently bite his or her bottom or top lip and watch how they react. As you won’t know whether your partner is interested until you start, start slowly.

A kiss on the hand

Your first reaction might be to think that kissing someone’s hand sounds corny as if it’s straight out of a romantic period drama. Despite its cuteness, it is also pretty funny. This is a simple yet effective method to ease into a more passionate kiss with your partner. You might find yourself making your way up their arm and landing on their lips.

Lizard Kiss

Kisses of this type are more intense versions of French kisses. Lizard kisses are executed by sticking your tongue in and out of your partner’s mouth for a short period of time. There is no doubt that it is not for everyone, but it will add some fun to your kissing session whether you like it or not.

Kisses on the Earlobe

During your make-out session, you might kiss your partner or nibble at their earlobes to get their attention. Your partner will love it if you gently sucked or tug on the area since ears are filled with nerve endings that are extremely sensitive to touch.

The air kiss

An air kiss consists of making contact without actually making contact with the cheek. When you kiss someone’s cheek, you simply blow on them. If you prefer a no-contact greeting, this is a suitable option for you. This is used as a platonic greeting in many cultures.

The butterfly kiss

Fluttering your eyelashes against someone’s eyelids or face is the equivalent of giving them a butterfly kiss. We promise you that it makes for a sweet moment when they kiss them like that.

The Body Kiss

You probably don’t need any explanation for this one. Your neck, earlobe, stomach, chest, or inner arm are all places around your body that would respond exceptionally well to lip action. Take a look at the body part with your partner to find out – you’ll never know which part will do the trick!

The Spiderman kiss

types of kisses

A Spider-Man kiss is based on a scene from the 2002 movie, which shows Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) kissing Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) upside down while hanging from a web (see below). If you’re lying in bed, you can achieve this easily.

Kiss on the top of the head

There is nothing better than a kiss on the top of your head to make you feel safer and more comfortable.

Kiss on the jawline

This one will surely make you feel sensual and is an interesting way to spice things up during a make-out session. Kiss them gently around their mouth, up their jawline, and on their lips, teasing a bit before moving down to their neck and earlobes.

The shoulder Kiss

Picture this: You’re getting your books from your locker, and your partner kisses you on the shoulder as you’re standing up. That sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it? Publicly showing affection without being too intrusive with shoulder kisses is a sweet gesture.

Angel Kiss

Whenever a person gently kisses the eyelid of another, they are called angel kisses. Receiving this kind of message may sound unusual, but the recipient may find it incredibly comforting.

Kisses on the nose

Depending on what you mean by this, it can either be lips-to-nose or nose-to-nose. There’s nothing better than a sweet kiss on the nose, but you can also rub your nose for a touch of fun.

Kiss on the wrist

It may seem strange to kiss your wrist, but it can actually be incredibly sensual. It is erotic in nature since your blood flows close to the surface of your wrist, whereas a hand kiss has more connotations of intimacy.

Types of Kisses: 20 you should try

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