12 great job options for individuals who want to work abroad

12 great job options for individuals who want to work abroad

Several job opportunities are available for individuals who enjoy traveling and want to work abroad. Here are 12 great job options for individuals who want to work abroad and enjoy traveling:

1. Flight Attendant

Working for an airline as a flight attendant allows you to travel to various destinations while ensuring passenger safety and comfort.

Job Description

Flight attendants are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers on board an aircraft. Their primary duties include conducting pre-flight safety briefings, assisting passengers during boarding and disembarkation, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, serving meals and beverages, responding to passenger inquiries, and addressing any onboard emergencies or incidents.

2. International Aid Worker

Organizations such as non-profits and humanitarian agencies hire professionals to work in various countries, providing assistance and support in areas such as healthcare, education, disaster relief, and community development.

Working as an international aid worker is a rewarding career choice for those who want to make a positive impact and travel abroad.

Job Description

International aid workers are employed by non-profit organizations, humanitarian agencies, or government entities to provide assistance, support, and relief services in different countries. Their responsibilities may include managing and implementing projects related to healthcare, education, water and sanitation, disaster response, community development, and more. Aid workers collaborate with local communities, government officials, and other stakeholders to address various social and humanitarian needs.

3. Travel Blogger/Vlogger

Starting a travel blog or vlog can provide opportunities to explore different countries, share experiences, and earn income through sponsorships, advertisements, or partnerships.

Becoming a travel blogger or vlogger is an exciting career choice for those who enjoy traveling and want to share their experiences with others.

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Job Description

Travel bloggers/vloggers document their journeys and experiences through written content, photographs, videos, and other multimedia formats. They create engaging and informative travel-related content, including destination guides, travel tips, itineraries, hotel and restaurant reviews, and personal travel stories. They often build an online presence through their blog or YouTube channel, attracting a following of readers or viewers who seek travel inspiration and information.

4. Tour Guide

Becoming a tour guide allows you to lead groups of travelers and provide them with information and insights about different destinations.

Working as a tour guide is an excellent job for individuals who enjoy traveling and want to share their knowledge and passion for different destinations. Here’s more information about the role:

Job Description

A tour guide provides information, insights, and commentary about the history, culture, attractions, and landmarks of a specific location. Responsible for ensuring a smooth and enjoyable tour, answering questions, making recommendations, and managing transportation and itinerary logistics. Tour guides may work in various settings, including museums, historical sites, cities, natural landmarks, or even lead adventure tours.

5. Cruise Ship Staff

Working on a cruise ship as a staff member, such as in hospitality, entertainment, or customer service roles, provides an opportunity to travel to multiple destinations while serving passengers on board.

Working as part of the cruise ship staff is a fantastic opportunity for individuals who enjoy traveling and want to work abroad. Here’s more information about the role:

Job Description

Cruise ship staff members perform various roles and responsibilities to ensure a memorable experience for passengers on board. Positions can range from hospitality and guest services to entertainment, culinary, housekeeping, and more. Some common roles include cruise director, receptionist, waiter/waitress, bartender, housekeeping attendant, entertainer, fitness instructor, and spa therapist. Cruise ship staff members work together as a team to provide exceptional service and create a pleasant atmosphere for passengers during their voyage.

6. English Teacher

Teaching English as a foreign language is a popular option for those looking to work abroad. Many countries have a demand for English teachers, offering opportunities to live and work in different cultural environments.

Working as an English teacher abroad is a fulfilling career choice for individuals who enjoy traveling and have a passion for language instruction. Here’s more information about the role:

Job Description

English teachers are responsible for teaching English as a second or foreign language to non-native speakers. They develop lesson plans, deliver lectures, facilitate discussions, and assess students’ progress in reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. English teachers may work in language schools, international schools, universities, or private tutoring settings. Depending on the position, they may teach children, teenagers, or adults from beginner to advanced levels.

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7. International Sales Representative

Sales representatives who work for companies with global reach often travel internationally to meet with clients, attend conferences, and build relationships.

Working as an international sales representative is an exciting career choice for individuals who enjoy traveling and have a passion for sales and business.

Job Description

International sales representatives are responsible for promoting and selling products or services to clients in international markets. They develop sales strategies, identify potential customers, build relationships with clients, negotiate contracts, and meet sales targets. International sales representatives may travel to different countries to meet with clients, attend trade shows or conferences, conduct market research, and provide product demonstrations or training.

8. International Business Consultant

Consultants specializing in international business help companies expand their operations globally, requiring them to travel to different countries to provide expertise and guidance.

Working as an international business consultant is an excellent career choice for individuals who enjoy traveling and have expertise in business strategy, management, and international markets. Here’s more information about the role:

Job Description

International business consultants provide expert advice and guidance to companies seeking to expand their operations globally. They assist with market research, entry strategies, business development, and cultural considerations in foreign markets. Consultants analyze industry trends, assess market potential, identify opportunities, and provide recommendations for growth and optimization. Regulatory compliance, international mergers, and partnerships are also areas where they may be of assistance.

9. International Event Planner

Event planners who specialize in organizing conferences, exhibitions, or trade shows often travel to different locations to coordinate and manage these events.

Working as an international event planner is an exciting career choice for individuals who enjoy traveling and have a passion for organizing and coordinating events.

Job Description

International event planners are responsible for planning, organizing, and executing various types of events in different countries. They work closely with clients to understand their objectives and requirements, select suitable venues, manage budgets, coordinate logistics, negotiate with vendors, and ensure all aspects of the event run smoothly. International event planners may work on conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, corporate events, weddings, festivals, and other special occasions.

10. Photographer/Videographer

Taking pictures and videos for clients, publications, or personal projects can take you to a variety of destinations.

Working as a photographer or videographer is an exciting career choice for individuals who enjoy traveling and love visual storytelling.

Job Description

Photographers and videographers capture images and footage to convey stories, emotions, and experiences visually. The genres they specialize in may include travel, landscape, portrait, documentary, or commercial. Travel photographers/videographers travel to different locations, exploring diverse cultures, landscapes, and events, and capture captivating visuals that communicate a unique perspective.

11. Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Archaeologists and anthropologists often travel to different countries to conduct research, excavations, or studies related to history, culture, and human societies.

Working as an archaeologist or anthropologist is a fascinating career choice for individuals who enjoy traveling and have a passion for studying human history, cultures, and societies. Here’s more information about these roles:

Archaeologist: Archaeologists study human history and civilizations through the excavation, analysis, and interpretation of artifacts, structures, and remains. They conduct fieldwork to unearth and document ancient sites, collect artifacts, and analyze them in laboratories. Historically, maritime archaeologists, historical archaeologists, and classical archaeologists are some examples of archaeologists who specialize in different periods, regions, or types of archaeology.

Job Description

Anthropologists study human societies, cultures, and behavior. They examine various aspects of human life, including social structures, languages, customs, beliefs, and traditions. Fieldwork involves observing and interacting with communities, conducting interviews and surveys, and analyzing data to gain insights into cultural practices.

12. Diplomat/Foreign Service Officer

Members of the diplomatic corps represent their country abroad, work on international issues, and promote cultural exchanges.

Foreign service officers and diplomats are excellent career choices for people who enjoy traveling and are interested in international affairs.

Job Description

Foreign service officers and diplomats represent their home countries’ interests abroad and maintain and strengthen diplomatic relations with other countries. They serve as the primary point of contact between their home country’s government and the host country’s government. Among their responsibilities are negotiating agreements, promoting trade and investment, helping citizens overseas, and reporting on political and economic developments.


There are numerous job options available for individuals who have a desire to work abroad and experience different cultures. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy traveling, teach languages, thrive in business, excel in hospitality, or strive to make a difference in the world through humanitarian efforts, you can work and explore other countries with a wide range of careers.

Flight attendants, international aid workers, travel bloggers/vloggers, and international consultants all offer unique advantages and experiences. These careers provide opportunities for personal growth, cultural immersion, professional networking, and the chance to make a positive impact.

Expatriates face specific qualifications, skills, and challenges associated with their jobs. Individuals who want to work abroad can pursue their dream by conducting thorough research, establishing contacts, and gaining relevant experience.

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