Make music your meditation by listening deeply to it

One of the steps to achieving a sound mind is to Make music your meditation by listening deeply to it.

Meditation and music help us develop mindfulness, concentrate, and listen deeply. In order to discern the sonic elements in our own breathing, we must become more aware of the sounds in the external environment. The goal of deep listening is to cultivate more multidimensional awareness through listening to sound and being attuned to our breath and body. By improving our listening skills, we can enhance our relationships. Also making our workplaces more productive, and benefit from mindfulness in a variety of ways.


The past few weeks have seen a dramatic change in our collective environment. There is no doubt that it is a lot to take in. Taking care of oneself can be learned. It’s not a big deal if you haven’t figured it out yet. If you are having difficulty finding more balance and ease, please be patient with yourself. When life feels challenging, listening to music can help you cope.

7 advantages of listening to music while meditating | Be Beautiful India

Here’s how to meditate with music:

  1. Listen to a song that is relaxing.

  2. Cozy up. Pillows and blankets will help you relax in a comfortable position.  

  3. Keep your eyes closed while you press play. 

  4. Pay attention to the sound completely.

  5. Come back to the music when your mind wanders – it’s natural. 

  6. Meditation is something you practice each time you come back. 

  7. If the song is long, set a timer for 5-10 minutes or stay with it until the end. 

Then we prevent our minds from being hijacked by whatever thoughts, feelings, or ideas come our way by deliberately focusing on the music (instead of just playing it in the background). Amazingly, scientists found 15 Amazing Benefits Of Listening To Music. Resting and processing the changes happening within and around us is like hitting the reset button for our body, mind, and heart.


Listen to this 5 minutes timer – calm and relaxing music

This video is a courtesy of countdown videos 

I hope the music brings you peace.

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