How to Create an Online Express Entry Profile

How to Create an Online Express Entry Profile

An Express Entry profile is an online tool that allows the Canadian government to assess whether a skilled immigration applicant is eligible to immigrate to Canada. There are steps to follow closely when it has to do with How to Create an Online Express Entry Profile. Express Entry profiles require applicants to follow these steps:

Step 1 : Determine Your Eligibility

Review the eligibility criteria for Express Entry to ensure you meet the requirements. Key factors include your age, education, work experience, language proficiency (English and/or French), and adaptability.

Step 2 : Language Proficiency Test

Take an approved language proficiency test, such as the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) for English, or the TEF (Test d’évaluation de français) for French. Ensure you achieve the required minimum scores for each language skill.

Step 3 : Obtain an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

If you completed your education outside of Canada, you’ll need to get your educational credentials assessed by an approved organization. This step helps to verify that your foreign education is equivalent to Canadian standards.

    • Management occupations (TEER 0).

    • Occupations that usually require a university degree (TEER1).

    • A college diploma, two or more years of apprenticeship training, or supervisory experience is usually required (TEER 2).

    • Occupations that usually require a college diploma, apprenticeship training of less than two years, or more than six months of on-the-job training (TEER 3).

Step 4 : Determine your National Occupation Classification (NOC)

Applicants who wish to immigrate to Canada using the Express Entry system must show that their work experience meets the definition of an occupation from the National Occupation Classification of Canada.

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Please note that Express Entry can only be used by applicants with the following types of work experience.

Gather Required Documents: Collect all the necessary documents, such as your passport, language test results, educational credentials, work experience letters, and other supporting documents.


Step 5 : Create an Express Entry Profile

Visit the official Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website and create an account. Complete the Express Entry profile by providing accurate information about your personal details, education, work experience, language proficiency, and other relevant information.

Canada invites 4,200 in September 2 Express Entry draw - Canada Immigration Newsletter - CANIMM

Step 6 : Calculate Your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score

Once you enter all the required information, the Express Entry system will calculate your CRS score based on the factors mentioned earlier. This score determines your ranking within the pool of candidates.

Step 7 : Submit Your Profile

Once you have completed all the necessary sections and reviewed the information for accuracy, submit your Express Entry profile. As soon as your application is received, you’ll receive a confirmation and your Express Entry profile number will be assigned.

Step 8 : Improve Your CRS Score (Optional)

If your CRS score is not high enough to receive an invitation in the regular draws, consider improving your score by enhancing your language proficiency, obtaining additional education or certification, gaining more work experience, or securing a valid job offer from a Canadian employer.

Step 9 : Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA)

If you meet the eligibility requirements and have a competitive CRS score, you may receive an ITA through regular draws conducted by the Canadian government. This invitation allows you to proceed with the application for permanent residency.

Step 10 : Complete the Application And If necessary, update your information

Once you receive an ITA, you will have a limited time to submit a complete application for permanent residency. Including supporting documents and paying the required fees.

Candidates must update their Express Entry profiles if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • They experience a change in the nature of their work

  • The results of the new language test are received

  • Upon obtaining a new diploma, they obtain a new degree.

  • When a family member is no longer a dependent due to birth, death, marriage, or divorce, or when there has been a change in the structure of the family

There is a one-year validity period for Express Entry profiles. Nevertheless, an Express Entry profile could become invalid before the end of the year if certain conditions are met.

  • In the case of Express Entry applicants or skilled immigrants, the applicant no longer meets the relevant criteria for the program.

  • An invitation to apply for permanent residence has been sent to the applicant.

Please note, If an applicant declines an invitation to apply for permanent residence, their profiles will become valid again


It’s important to note that the Express Entry process can be complex and subject to change. A lawyer or immigration consultant can provide you with the latest information and guidance throughout the process if you review the IRCC website and consult with them.

Candidate information on an Express Entry profile remains valid even after updating.

A candidate’s profile will be removed from the pool if he/she is not invited to apply for permanent residency within a year.

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