How To Create Jamb Profile On Jamb Portal 2022

To Create Jamb profile on jamb portal has become a requisite after the recent jamb CBT update as the procedure of Jamb UTME application has transformed from how it was before now.

Steps To Create Jamb Profile 2022

The steps to create Jamb profiles and getting your Jamb e-pin on the official Jamb portal will be given below..

Nevertheless, Jamb registration can be done through Jamb official portal or Via SMS.

Now, you can create your Jamb profile through text message or Jamb portal.

Through Text Message

The first thing you should do is

  • Open the text message app on your phone


  • Send your Surname, First Name, and your Middle Name if required. This should come in not more than thirty eight(38) compositions and there ought to be two spaces between the names corresponding to forty characters in total. Then send it to 55019. You can also type ‘NIN’ then space followed by your NIN number. (For instance, NIN 12345678901)


  • The candidate is required to use only one mobile phone number.


  • A verification code consisting of ten(10) characters will be sent to the candidate on that number for the candidate’s e-pin.


  • Then, proceed to JAMB CBT centre to finalize your registration.

How to Create Jamb Profile

  • Firstly, Log in to the official Jamb website


  • Choose “create a new account” to proceed. In this process, you will need to validate your email and equally answer the security questions that will follow efficiently.


  • Next, go to your email address and ascertain the activity. At this stage, you will have to exercise patience because the process can take a while before it appears. Jamb will give you a link through which you can progress on the signup procedure. After this process, you will be required to provide your Surname, first name, email, password as well as date of birth.


  • Next is to log in to see the Jamb Profile.

Difficulties experienced during Creation of JAMB Profile

Below are some difficulties one may experience while attempting to create Jamb profile


  • If your NIN has been enrolled with a different number


  • Inability to obtain Jamb profile using USSD


  • Service timeout


  • When the same profile code has been generated the previous year. 


  • No record of NIN or NIN is not validated


  • when NIN has already been enrolled with the number obtained last year


Nevertheless, If you enrolled for last year’s Jamb, you will need to create your Jamb profile using the same mobile phone number.

In conclusion, before you commence this process, you will require a reliable and internet enabled smartphone. Possibly, it is advisable to use a different web browser from Opera mini because opera mini doesn’t load all the essential fields on the page. Hence, correct procedures should be followed to ensure your unique code is provided as this unique code will be required at the CBT center.


Furthermore, confirm that all the data provided on your profile is accurate before you continue to get your E-pin.

However, ensure your e-pin is gotten with the same Email you used in creating your Jamb profile. It is advisable not to be in haste while creating jamb profile to avoid errors.


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