Are You Wondering What Happened to Nick Gereffi?

Nick Gereffi, cause of death: Nick Gereffi died in December 2017. Multiple reports indicate he was an associate at Bowling Miscia Casting in New York. He had worked on numerous projects for the company, such as YOU , Under The Dome.


The Associate Spotlight Award for the New York film and television industry, one of the Casting Society of America’s (CSA) Artios Awards, was given posthumously to the 2012 Communication Arts graduate.

Before Nick Gereffi’s passing, he worked with casting directors Kim Miscia and Beth Bowling on the television series Gotham. He had previously worked on casting projects such as Power, Master of None, Falling Water, and You.

Nick Gereffi was known at MMC for his fantastic sense of humor and his sharp wit, but what those close to him found most endearing about him was his kind heart. We got this from a close friend who he worked with at MMC. This same source mentioned to us that not only was he incredibly bright and passionate about the work that he did, but he was in fact very authentic in everything he said and did. Those who knew him saw the caliber of his craft first hand, never mind his love for others.

The CSAs have always recognized Gereffi’s work with their utmost respect..


In an article about the awardMiscia said: The show would never be the same again, after working with Nick (Gereffi). The CSAs believe that if he were to ever return to their organization, he’d make a huge impact on his projects and continue to do so for years to come. The CSAs wholeheartedly believe that Gereffi truly deserves this award a million times over They view him as a revolutionary of sorts and think he’ll continue his legacy of excellence if he did decide to return to their organization in the future.


Nick Gereffi’s cause of death and obituary: Nick Gereffi’s cause of death and obituary..

The cause of death of Nick Gereffi and the manner in which he died are unknown till now.

Nick Gereffi, as most of you might know by now, He was filled with life and happiness and all he ever wanted to do was to make others smile – even during moments of sadness. We will miss him dearly, but his spirit will never leave us. May his spirit find eternal rest.


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