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Baking brings joy, alleviates stress, and produces some pretty tasty results. It’s difficult to find new recipes, especially when you’ve made your fair share of cookies, brownies and pies.


Add new ingredients to your bake to shake it up. With alcohol, the original flavours of the dessert are amplified and enhanced. You can bake with everything from red wine to bourbon.

Rum Cake - Once Upon a Chef


Many tropical drinks use rum, like pina coladas and mai tais. Desserts benefit from its vanilla and molasses notes. Some baked goods benefit from the lime and mint flavors in a mojito.


Many people enjoy drinking this alcohol. With a neutral tonic, botanicals and citrus flavors are easily enjoyed. You’re in luck – no-bake gin and tonic cheesecake is the dessert for you.

The classic beverage is deliciously captured in this bake, which features lime juice, lemon curd, and white chocolate. Perfect for parties or after-dinner drinks.


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Almost any mixed drink can be made with vodka. In a martini, it works on its own, and in a Bloody Mary, it complements savoury flavors perfectly. Therefore, vodka can be used to bake as well.

If you’re hosting an adult party, serve White Russian cupcakes with buttercream icing. You can be sure that these treats will hit the spot since they taste like adult versions of ice cream.


This type of alcohol has flavors such as caramel, maple, and honey. As a result of its warming taste, whiskey cocktails are perfect for fall and winter.

Hence, bourbon pairs well with all kinds of pies, including apple and pecan. The flavor pairs beautifully with pears, apples, cinnamon, and all kinds of nuts. If you want a cozier dessert, try bourbon.


Known for its sweet taste, amaretto is usually added to sour cocktails like the amaretto sour. There are so many baked goods that benefit from this alcohol’s almond, peach, and apricot notes. It’s a delicious addition to everything, even a decadent and luscious amaretto creme brulee.

There are several events that could benefit from these desserts, because they are so easy to prepare. Most of the ingredients are likely already in your pantry.

Best Amaretto Sour Recipe - How To Make Amaretto Sours


Champagne is sparkling and fun, making it a great choice for all kinds of celebrations. This alcohol is flavored with citrus, strawberry, and vanilla. Champagne mousse made with Chambord, a raspberry liqueur, is a lighter dessert option.

This fruity and creamy mousse is just what you need after a large meal or whenever you want a light dessert.

Red Wine

The joys of a glass of red wine and some dark chocolate are well known to most of us. Aside from fish and meat, the alcohol pairs well with a variety of berries and vanilla notes.

Have you ever thought about recreating these flavors with a cake? Chocolate red-wine cake shines with its fluffy texture, moistness, and not too much sweetness. For a girl’s night or just because, this recipe is very tasty.

Cream Liqueur

Cream liqueur is a classic winter drink that tastes great mixed with coffee or on the rocks. In addition to being amazing in desserts, it also works great in drinks.

Your next baked good can be Irish cream coffee bars if you’re sick of brownies. Cream liqueur makes these fudgey, chewy treats perfect for any occasion. Featuring chewy, gooey, and fudgey cream liqueur, these are the perfect holiday treat.

A Speculoos Cookie and Magnum Cream Liqueur Dessert That's Just a Wee Bit Dangerous - Christina's Cucina

There’s No Way to Go Wrong

These alcohols will spice up any bake no matter how you want it. These delicious recipes can be made with ingredients you probably already have in your liquor cabinet.


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