Disadvantages of taking prenatal vitamins during pregnancy

In most cases, you should avoid taking prenatal vitamins mostly if you have a present medical condition attend notice any side effects from taking them, or when it is difficult for you to remember to take them when you are supposed to.


Aggravates Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

It is not advisable for expectant mothers that are passing through some medical conditions to take prenatal vitamins unless they get their doctor gives them the go-ahead.

Below are some effects on pre-existing medical conditions that prenatal vitamins can lead to:

  • Accumulate kidney stones
  • Cause an increase in bleeding risk
  • Generates reaction to allergies
  • Lead to deprivation of interactions with medication such as aspirin and antibiotics

Please do well to contact your doctor to ensure that sufficient nutrient is being supplied to you and your baby from your diet.


Causes Side Effects

Listed below are the most common side effects of prenatal vitamins:

  • Nausea– Ensure that you don’t take your prenatal vitamins on a stomach that is empty to avoid nausea. You can poke them before sleeping at night so that when the nausea attack kicks in, you’re still sleeping.
  • Constipation– The iron content of some prenatal vitamins leads to constipation.
  • Changes of Color or odor in the urine– The major cause of these are the B vitamins. By the way do not worry, because these are harmless.

One of the most relevant disadvantages of consuming prenatal vitamins is that it can be tricky for you to find out if you are actually undergoing distress from its side effects or if you are only noticing the usual pregnancy signs.

Challenges in Taking Them Daily

It is normal to find it challenging to not forget to take your daily prenatal vitamins. Hence it is a new insertion to your daily routine.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you not to forget:

  • Get a pill reminder case.
  • Keep your vitamins where they will not be hard to find.
In conclusion

An important thing to remember is that prenatal vitamin. They are not supposed to be used in place of nutrients that you get out of a proper diet but to only add nutrients in them. A health-giving diet that contains all the important nutrients is always advised to be taken, even when you are not an expectant mother. Ensure that you continuously eat health-giving foods and stay fit while you take prenatal vitamins for both you and your child.


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