How To Check 100 List of Engineering Courses in Nigeria Universities

Check out 100 List of Enineering Courses in Nigeria Universities:  here is  a list of Best Engineering Courses To Study In Nigeria. Do you  Want To Be An Engineer? Check this Post for the best Engineering Courses To Study In Nigeria.

Are you an aspiring Engineer? Are you in search of the best engineering courses that are available to study in Nigeria, then you have come to the right platform to get this information. In this article, you would get informed on the best Engineering courses to study in Nigeria. Ready? Let’s get started!

100 List of Engineering Courses in Nigeria Universities

  1. Accounting Technology
  2. Aeronautical Engineering
  3. Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering
  4. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  5. Agricultural and Environmental Engineering
  6. Agricultural and Management Engineering 2022
  7. Agricultural Engineering
  8. Architecture
  9. Automobile Engineering
  10. Automotive Engineering
  11. Banking and Finance
  12. Biomedical Engineering
  13. Biotechnology
  14. Building
  15. Building Technology
  16. Business Management
  17. Chemical / Petrochemical Engineering
  18. Chemical and Polymer Engineering
  19. Chemical Engineering
  20. Civil Engineering
  21. Communication Technology
  22. Communication Technology and Wireless Technology
  23. Computer and Communication Engineering
  24. Computer Engineering
  25. Computer Science
  26. Computer Science with Economics and Mathematics
  27. Economics
  28. Electrical / Electronic Engineering
  29. Electrical and Information Engineering
  30. Electrical Engineering
  31. Electronics and Computer Engineering
  32. Electronics Engineering
  33. Entrepreneurship Management Technology
  34. Environmental Management
  35. Environmental Management Technology
  36. Estate Management
  37. Financial Management Technology
  38. Fine and Applied Arts
  39. Fine and Industrial Arts
  40. Fine Art under Engineering
  41. Food Engineering
  42. Food Science and Business
  43. Food Science and Engineering
  44. Food Science and Technology
  45. Food Technology
  46. Gas Engineering
  47. Geography
  48. Geography and Environmental Science
  49. Geography and Meteorology
  50. Geography and Planning
  51. Geography Regionals and Planning
  52. Glass Design
  53. Here is the list of Engineering courses for science students in Nigeria
  54. Home Economics and Food Management
  55. Hotel Management and Tourism
  56. Industrial Design
  57. Industrial Production Engineering
  58. Information and Communication Engineering
  59. Information and Communication Technology Engineering
  60. Information and Management Technology
  61. Information and Media Technology
  62. Information System
  63. Information Technology
  64. Irrigation Engineering
  65. Land Surveying
  66. Management Technology
  67. Marine Engineering
  68. Maritime Management Technology
  69. Materials Engineering
  70. Mechanical / Production Engineering
  71. Mechanical Engineering
  72. Mechatronics and System Engineering
  73. Mechatronics Engineering
  74. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  75. Metallurgical Engineering
  76. Meteorology
  77. Mining Engineering
  78. Nutrition and Dietetics
  79. Petroleum and Gas Engineering
  80. Petroleum Engineering
  81. Polymer and Textile Engineering
  82. Polymer Engineering
  83. Production Engineering
  84. Project Management Technology
  85. Quantity Surveying
  86. Remote Sensing and Geosciences Information System
  87. Shipping and Maritime Technology
  88. Software Engineering
  89. Statistics under Engineering
  90. Structural Engineering
  91. Subject Combinations for Geography
  92. Surveying and Geoinformatics
  93. Systems Engineering
  94. Technological Management
  95. Telecommunication Engineering
  96. Textile Science and Technology
  97. Transport Management Technology
  98. Urban and Regional Planning
  99. Visual Art and Technology
  100. Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
  101. Wood Production Engineering
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