How to Get a Permanent Residence in Canada- updated 2022

How to Get a Permanent Residence in Canada- updated 2022


How to Get a Permanent Residence in Canada- updated 2022

How to Get a Permanent Residence in Canada- updated 2022

Permanent Residence in Canada – This is a tip on how you as a temporal resident of Canada can become a Permanent Resident. The Canada permanent residence process requires knowing if you’re eligible for permanent residence as well as meeting the set requirements.

With travel restrictions in Canada, Canadian permanent residence applications are still being accepted even though there are processing delays.

How to Apply for a Permanent Residence in Canada

 Express Entry

This program is responsible for the management of permanent residence applications for immigrants. Those who can work in places lack the availability of experienced working Canadians. Express entry is one of the ways of securing a permanent residence

 Business Immigration

This is also one of the pathways to securing a good job in Canada. The Immigration Program is targeted towards finding employment opportunities in Canada for immigrants who have experience in managing or investing in businesses.

 Family Class Immigration

This sponsorship program is aimed at reuniting families in Canada. It is one of the ways to get a permanent residence in Canada. Citizens of Canada have the privilege to sponsor their family members to immigrate to Canada through several sponsorship programs.

 Canadian Experience Class

This is an immigration program targeted to assist non-permanent foreign workers and students to apply their work experience and education towards their applications.

 Provincial Nominee Program

This is a program for workers who have both skills, education, and work experience to add to the economy of Canadian territory. Usually, each of these provinces and territory has its own streams and programs for students, business men&women, experienced and non-experience workers

How to Get a Permanent Residence in Canada- updated 2022

Are you eligible for permanent resident status?

Eligible Candidates for express Entry will be evaluated by a score under the Comprehensive Ranking System. Not to worry, there are a few ways you can improve your comprehensive ranking system score so that you will be ranked higher for the Express Entry pool.

To be eligible for Canadian Permanent residence. You would be required to calculate your score in the

Comprehensive Ranking System for Express Entry.

Improve your Comprehensive Ranking System Score

  1. Language: The language ability is worth up to 260 Comprehensive Ranking System points for each candidate. Note that French and English are Canada’s official languages so improve your French and English classes to earn more points
  2. Work: more than three years of work experience would be an advantage for anyone who wants to improve his/her comprehensive ranking system points. Candidates currently working in Canada on a work permit stand a better chance because more points are available for this work and it is rewarded for each annual threshold up to five years.
  3. Study: A student who’s studying in Canada before making an application for express entry has an advantage because having Canadian study experience can increase your score. Well, studying in Canada might have other perks too. You can get to experience state-of-the-art facilities, be it in terms of course design or accommodation. For instance, if you are planning to get into York University, you might be interested in knowing what york university housing offers.
  4. Education: With more than one certificate like diplomas and degrees you may be able to attract more points under the education section. Candidates who are a few months away from completing a degree, diploma or certificate would have a chance of having their rank improved.
  5. Spouse: Candidates with a spouse may have a better chance of improving their Comprehensive Ranking System score because the spouses’ level of education, language ability, and Canadian work experience may all be rewarded.
  6. Job Offer: Having a job offer remains an important factor. There are so many online platforms where you may find employment opportunities especially if you’re not in Canada

Benefits of Becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident

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