How to make your vagina smell good with these 5 steps

Take advantage of these 5 simple hacks to give your vagina a rose-scented scent

There is a particular smell to your vagina, however, it is sometimes overpowered by infections, hormones, and poor hygiene. There are some tips you can use to make your vagina smell pleasant, thankfully. I will be giving you tips on How to make your vagina smell good with these 5 steps listed below

5 ways to make your vagina smell good | HealthShotsWhen you lose your sense of smell or have anosmia, it can be mind-numbing! The image is courtesy of Healthshots

Unfortunately, all of us desire pleasant-smelling vaginas, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Your vaginal smell is affected by many factors, such as your diet, sugar intake, and hygiene. It should be noted, however, that your vagina won’t smell like Chanel No. 5.


The smell of a healthy vagina is a bit funky, but it changes over time. You might smell metallic when you are on your period because blood contains iron. Good news! Your vagina cleans itself, so you don’t need to use preservative-based products to keep it that way.

The good news is that these hacks can help you get rid of the foul smell. You can make your vagina smell like a meadow by following these five steps:

1. You should wash your hands after peeing every time

There are a lot of products available for your intimate area these days, ranging from bath salts to vaginal washes. In spite of this, Dr. Sandeep Chadha, consultant obstetrician and gynecologist at Motherhood Hospital, Noida, says you shouldn’t believe the hype because they are of no benefit. It is also imperative to wash your vulva every time you pee or take a bath with water. Using this method, you will avoid smelling offensive down there as a result of urine.

Worrying number of women think pee comes through their vagina - Mirror Online      Every time you pee, wash your VJ. The image is courtesy of Mirror Online

2. Make sure you don’t consume too much junk food

You can alter your vaginal pH balance by eating junk food. An infection called bacterial vaginal vaginosis can be caused by eating too much sugar. You should increase your intake of fruits and green leafy vegetables to make your vagina smell pleasant. Salads and plain yogurt should also be part of your diet.


3. Make sure you change your underwear every day

5 Ways to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor

When it comes to keeping your lady bits smelling great, personal hygiene is crucial. It is also recommended that you wear cotton pants rather than synthetic ones. You should also change your pants once or twice a day if you sweat a lot down under, since too much sweat may likewise cause infection and odor.

4. Make sure you stay hydrated

When you are hydrated, you won’t pass offensive-smelling urine. Therefore, you will also notice a fresher smell in your vagina.

Eight glasses of water a day excessive for most people, study suggests | Health & wellbeing | The GuardianMaintain healthy vaginal health by staying hydrated. This image is courtesy of The Guardian

5. After sex, make sure your vagina is clean

These substances can be harmful to your vagina because they alter the pH balance and cause a bad smell. Semen, condom latex, lubes, and sex toys can influence the pH balance and cause bad odors. In this case, you can avoid the problem if you clean the surface after penetration with water or a wipe.


“It is imperative to remember that you should not clean your vagina with toilet paper because it scratches the labia minora, leading to minor cracks, which can further lead to infections and an unpleasant smell”, Dr. Chadha concludes.

Would you like to know how simple it is to make your vagina smell fantastic? Use these hygiene tips to get the most effective results in vaginal hygiene. Avoid products that have fragrances and follow these tips instead.

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