How to stop someone from choking

How to stop someone from choking

IT IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY TO MANAGE CHOKING: Make sure that you follow your organization’s policy regarding the management of choking. Do not undertake any activities that you have not been trained in. Instead follow these steps of How to stop someone form choking.

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A person who chokes is unable to breathe properly because the airways have become blocked.

There are a number of reasons why airways can become blocked:

  1. Vomit

  2. Food

  3. Oral objects that have been placed in the mouth

  4. Fluid

Especially in care homes, it can be a very common cause of death. Among older people, swallowing reflexes are significantly less developed due to a significantly higher prevalence of dementia.

The sooner you act when you are choking, the less likely you are to suffer death or further complications. In order to achieve success, you need to follow these six steps:


First Step:

Ask the victim: ‘ARE YOU CHOKING?’

There will be no difficulty coughing, speaking, or breathing if the choking is mild.

When a patient suffers from severe choking, he or she will not be able to cough, speak, or breathe, which eventually causes a loss of consciousness.

Second Step:

If they are capable of coughing, encourage them to do so. In this way, they will be able to expel the blockage if it can be expelled

Third Step:

Help them breathe or cough by leaning forward with one hand while they support themselves.


Fourth Step:

Give up to five strong blows to your back between the shoulder blades using the heel of your other hand. By doing this, you will be able to dislodge the blockage and assist in excreting it from the occlusion site.

Fifth Step:

In the event that this does not work, try abdominal thrusts.

  • Wrap your arms around the upper abdomen of the injured person as you stand behind them.

  • Grasp the other hand with your fist and wrap it around it.

  • Then pull sharply upwards and inwards five times.

  • Until assistance arrives or the person loses consciousness, repeat five back blows and five abdominal thrusts.Choking: First aid - Mayo Clinic

Sixth Step:

You should perform CPR if they lose consciousness

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