JAMB Economics Syllabus For UTME

This post covers JAMB Economics Syllabus For UTME  and all you need to know about the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) JAMB Economics Syllabus for this year.

JAMB Economics Syllabus For UTME

  1. Theory Of Costs And Revenue

  2. The Theory Of Supply

  3. The Theory Of Production

  4. The Theory Of Demand

  5. Public Finance

  6. Population

  7. National Income

  8. Money And Inflation

  9. Methods And Tools Of Economic Analysis

  10. Market Structures

  11. International Trade

  12. International Economic Organizations

  13. Industry And Industrialization

  14. Financial Institutions

  15. Factors Of Production And Their Theories

  16. Economics As A Science

  17. Economic Systems

  18. Economic Growth And Development

  19. Business Organizations

  20. Agriculture In Nigeria

  21. The Theory Of Price Determination

  22. The Theory Of Consumer Behaviour

  23. Natural Resources And The Nigerian Economy

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