Mental Health First Aid

The Mental Health First Aid

We may sometimes have serious concerns about people’s mental health we care about at some point in our lives. And whatever the relationship may be, whether it’s a friend, family member, or colleague, there are many ways we can help by providing Mental Health First Aid.

When a person is going through a difficult time, it may be observed. In a crisis, it is extremely important to respond sensitively to someone who seems troubled, identify some early warning signs, and know what to do.


It is very crucial to try to prevent people from suffering in silence and try to identify and deal with problems before they become overwhelming. With a bit of knowledge, anyone can recognize the signs and symptoms and give the appropriate help.



There are several signs that indicate someone is at risk and we need to be aware of themĀ and they include:

  • Losing their ability to appreciate humor
  • Having no fixed course, unusually feeling troubled or nervous, and emotionless
  • Changes in diet, weight or sleep routine
  • Being absent minded or lost in thought
  • Drug addiction and too much alcoholic consumption


Recognizing Triggers of Mental Ill Health such as bereavement, personal issues or changes at work can also be effective.


If you are sincerely concerned about someone it can be difficult to know what to do. When you are aware there is an issue, it is important not to hesitate. Hesitating and hoping they will walk up to you for help might lose valuable time in being able to give them support.


Irrespective of the relationship. They might not be able to summon the courage to approach you to discuss a concern they have with a close friend or family member.

Don’t take situations like this personally, since talking to someone you deeply care about can be challenging because they might be afraid they are hurting you. Being honest and open with them is essential, as well as telling them you love and care for them.

True or false? You might think of things like;

If you think someone is suffering from depression or anxiety, it could be construed as nosey. If they want to talk to you, always let them know they can come to you whenever they want.

It is recommended that you answer False if you notice any early warning signs of mental illness. They can greatly improve their health and wellbeing by following these steps.

This first step can make an enormous difference to someone’s health and well-being if you recognize the early warning signs.

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