Hey there, here is an opportunity for you and it’s the ungoing application of the NIGERIAN NAVY (NNBTS BATCH 33) RECRUITMENT.

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Nigerian Navy Application Form Guidelines 2022/2023

The Nigerian Navy form for online application is out. The recruitment aim of this recruitment is to help curtail unemployment all over the country. 

Those interested in applying for the Nigerian Navy Job are to visit the online portal, to access the Navy recruitment form. 

People interested in this job are to fill out the application form and submit it. After you have filled out the form the only place to submit is online. Through the online registration portal at This is because the 2022 recruitment is now open to receive qualified applicants.

Why apply for 2022/2023 Nigerian Navy recruitment make sure to take your time as you access the Nigerian Navy dssc process before applying so that you can be successfully shortlisted with others.


What is Required of You for 2022/203 Nigerian Navy Recruitment?

Here is what is required of you to apply for the Nigerian Navy 2022/2023 recruitment.

This program was specially designed for unemployed youths. There are also different means that interested applicants can apply with different qualifications. This is because of some Nigerian Navy programs that are for graduates and Non-graduates.


  • Those applying should print copies of their completed Application Forms.


  • The Form for your parents or guardians Declaration and Certification of the applicants


  • Get your Local Government Area Certification Form


  • Your type of Guarantor


  • The applicants should also bring copies of completed online application Forms to a specified review and recruitment Center. (

Nigerian Navy 2022/2023 Recruitment Form.

The Nigerian Navy recruitment form has been released and can be filled out online. 

The Form for Nigerian Navy 2022/2023 recruitment is free. This is because the Nigerian government aims to equip its beneficiaries with skills acquisition over two years. 

The applicants are to log into the official portal for application and apply for positions suitable for them before the registration closes. (

Nigerian Navy 2022/2023 Recruitment Process

At the release of the Nigerian Navy recruitment batch 33, 2022/2023. The recruitment process begins by creating awareness or informing the general public through advertisements.

This is done through electronic media and print for the general public.

The registration officially begins with applicants filling out the application forms online. At the completion of registration forms online, those who are successful are invited to take the examination for recruitment.

Thereon, those who passed the recruitment examinations are invited to approved centers for interviews. If the applicants are successful in the above-mentioned steps. Then, the candidates will finally be shortlisted.

So, if you want to apply for the Nigerian Navy recruitment batch 33, 2022/2023 go to the official Nigerian navy application portal http://joinnigerianavy.core/application-guidelines to get detailed guidelines on the Nigerian Navy batch 33, 2022/2023 recruitment. (


The Nigerian Navy (NNBTS) batch 33, recruitment form is out for interested candidates to officially start their registration process.


This recruitment is another strategy for the Nigerian government to curtail unemployment among its citizens. That is why the program is inclusive of graduates and non-graduates. Getting access to this form and the registration process is free.

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