The Benefits of Self Care

The Benefits of Self Care

If you have observed misery happening, working in the health and social care sector can be extremely stressful which is why you need to be enlightened about The Benefits of Self Care.

It is well known that the impact of stress on the quality of care and support can contribute to:

1. Absence due to sickness


2. Burnout

3. Mistakes and misjudgments


4. Very low morale

5. Turnover of staff in the district.

It is important to know that looking after oneself, and observe. Acknowledging signs of stress and hurt in co-workers is also very essential.

Now we all know that getting the appropriate job/life balance can be impactful on your mood and how you react to things and feel for your comfort.


But; your life outside your job has its pressures. And this can lead to a clash between your roles inside and outside of your job.

The key to generating a maintained job-life balance is by setting up a boundary between your job and home. It will help you to manage your role conflicts if these exist.

Know that a good job/life balance is personal to you and is very likely to change in due time.

However, you should ensure that you have the space you need for proper relaxation, both physically and mentally

Try as much as you can to devote yourself sometime every day to an activity that gives you free and quality time to yourself.

Proceeds to taking steps to look after your welfare are essential to dealing with pressure, and reducing the impact that stress has on your life.

In some cases, this action is called developing “inner or emotional flexibility” or “mental health flexibility”.

Flexibility is not just your capability to bounce back, but also your capacity to make it suitable for a new use in the face of challenging settings while maintaining steady mental welfare. Flexibility is not a character trait – It is something that we can all take steps to achieve.

For additional information about taking care of your own mental health when working in the health and social care field, Charlie Waller Memorial Trust and the Society of Occupational Medicine have produced the following measures.

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