Apply For Lagos African Cluster Centre 2023 Fellowship Program

African Cluster Centre 2023 Fellowship Program


African Cluster Centre 2023 Fellowship ProgramApplications are being accepted by the Lagos African Cluster Centre for a brief visiting fellowship that will last between one and three months starting in January 2023. All academics with an interest in the transdisciplinary theme of “Reconfiguring African Studies” are welcome.

The Fellowship’s objective is to introduce researchers to the process of reconfiguring African studies in light of African realities and context. The recipient of the scholarship will become a Fellow of the Lagos – African Cluster Center (ACC). The above-mentioned theme will need fellows to engage in a process of re-examining fundamental presumptions and querying them with multidisciplinary approaches in order to improve, uphold, or deny current knowledge about Africans while displaying the plurality of African discourses.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant has to meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a PhD degree, by the time of application;
  • Have conducted research, as part of the PhD and/or in later projects; with a focus on Africa;
  • Be actively pursuing an academic/research career;
  • Be published in chosen area of specialty;
  • In accordance with visa regulations, be ready to return to the country of which applicant is a citizen and/or a current resident upon completion of the fellowship.
  • Applicants must be based in an African Academic Institution, preferably in any of the ACCs and the University of Bayreuth.
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  • A return ticket (economy class).
  • A monthly stipend to cover living expenses in Lagos.
  • Travel insurance in Nigeria
  • Accommodation in the University of Lagos: single room with shared facilities.
  • The use of (shared) office facilities and of library facilities.

Documents Required For Application

  • Information Page including
  • First Name, Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Home Address
  • MA Degree (s) (Discipline, University, Year)
  • PhD Degree: (Discipline, Dissertation Title, University, Year)
  • Current Employment
  • List of any relevant paid positions in the last five years

Name of Lagos-ACC Principal Investigator (PI) that you would like to collaborate with.

CV (listing five relevant publications;)

Research proposal (should contain)

  • Title of research proposal
  • Research proposal (max. 1500 words):
  • Please list your anticipated research projects for each month of the fellowship, keeping in mind that the research field must be connected to one of the Cluster’s six research sections. The collaboration’s expected outcomes, such as events, lectures, publications, etc., should be stated in the plan.

    Two letters of recommendation, (one should be from present employer)

    A statement from a Lagos-ACC PI stating his/her willingness to collaborate with you.

    How To Apply

    • Please fill out the application instructions that are provided.
    • Applications that are incomplete won’t be reviewed. Submission of applications is required in English. The application date is November 30, 2022.
    • Instructions for the Visiting Research Fellowship Application for 2023

    Please send an application package to with the subject “VISITING FELLOW 2023” that includes the elements listed below in one PDF document.

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