JAMB Physics Syllabus For UTME

This post covers JAMB Physics Syllabus For UTME and all you need to know about the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) JAMB Physics Syllabus for this year.

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JAMB Physics Syllabus For UTME

  1. Work, Energy And Power

  2. Waves

  3. Vapours

  4. Thermal Expansion

  5. Temperature And Its Measurement

  6. Structure Of Matter And Kinetic Theory

  7. Solar Energy

  8. Simple Machines

  9. Simple A.c. Circuits

  10. Scalars And Vectors

  11. Refraction Of Light Through A Plane And Curved Surfaces

  12. Refraction Of Light Through

  13. Reflection Of Light At Plane And Curved Surfaces

  14. Quantity Of Heat

  15. Propagation Of Sound Waves

  16. Pressure

  17. Optical Instruments

  18. Nuclear Energy

  19. Motion

  20. Measurements And Units

  21. Magnets And Magnetic Fields

  22. Liquids At Rest

  23. Light Energy

  24. Introductory To Electronics

  25. Inductance

  26. Heat Transfer

  27. Gravitational Field

  28. Gas Laws

  29. Friction

  30. Force On A Current-carrying Conductor In A Magnetic Field

  31. Equilibrium Of Forces

  32. Energy And Society

  33. Elementary Modern Physics

  34. Electrostatics

  35. Electromagnetic Spectrum

  36. Electromagnetic Induction

  37. Electrical Energy And Power

  38. Electric Cells

  39. Elasticity

  40. Eddy Current

  41. Dispersion Of Light And Colours

  42. Dams And Energy Production

  43. Current Electricity

  44. Conduction Of Electricity

  45. Characteristics Of Sound Waves

  46. Change Of State

  47. Capacitors

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