More Details About The Real Owner Of Odogwu Bitters Herbal Alcoholic Drink (200ml)

More Details About The Real Owner Of Odogwu Bitters Herbal Alcoholic Drink (200ml)

More Details About The Real Owner Of Odogwu Bitters Herbal Alcoholic Drink (200ml)

Many people have mistakenly assumed that Obi Cubana is the producer or the owner of the Odogwu Bitters Alcoholic Drinks, and has even spread the rumor across social media, not knowing that Obi Cubana is the brand promoter. Obi Cubana’s popularity was used to accelerating the marketing of the Odogwu bitter due to the large number of followers he has gained on social media. Therefore, we will provide you with the name of the real owner of Odogwu Bitter Drinks.

What Is Odogwu Bitters?

Odogwu bitters is a harbal alcoholic drink that  contains mixture of organic ingredients such as honey and ginger which helps in increasing libido, and also provides antioxidant that aids the digestive system in the body. It also assist the body to maintain sugar craving and fighting of common flu.

How Much Is Odogwu Bitters Sold?

The price of Odogwu Bitters drinks depends on the types you can afford. Its price ranges from N7,000 to N15,000 per carton. While a bottle of Odogwu bitters (200ml) is sold for about N3,000 (Three thousand Naira) in many shops in Nigeria.

Odogwu Bitters

The Real Owner Of Odogwu Bitters Alcoholic Drink

The real owner of the drink is not hidden. He has been known for a long time for his company that specializes in the distilling, blending, packaging, and marketing of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that are successfully sold or launched in the market

As previously said, Obi Cubana, one of Nigeria’s young billionaires, is not the owner of the brand; rather, it is owned and produced by IKI Leads, owned by Chief Innocent Owunali, a Nigerian billionaire.

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Facts About IKI Lead products and Its Brand Ambassador

Ever since the existence of the company IKI Lead, has gone a long way with the production of its top products that include PaSa Bitters, Meridian Brandy, and Meridian Ponche, and at the same time, it has celebrities like comedians Ayo Makun (AY), Zubby Michael, and Nedu Wazobia FM as their brand ambassadors.

Facts About Obi Cubana As A Brand Influencer

Obi Cubana is a billionaire brand influencer who many investors have used his social media platforms to promote their products by registering their businesses under the Cuban brand name and remitting a portion of their profit to Obi Cubana, these brands include Odogwu Bitter, which have gone round and yielded much success in controlling a large market share in the bitter business.

And due to the massive number of investors who register their products through his brand, he has upgraded the Cubana brand to give more benefit to them and to himself, the owner, throughout the years.

Therefore, it is never a Cubana product alone that enriches the Cubana brand; instead, its use by different investors goes a long way towards keeping the brand strong.

That is, the Cubana group does not own all the Cubana enterprises.

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It was confirmed to the extent that the product was able to reach the world through social media like Instagram and others just a week after it was introduced to the market and had Obi Cubana said, “Let it go on record that within a week, we were able to transfer the bitter narratives.” “Bitter is now a luxury,” he said.

Aside from that, the new brand of bitter has broken the record that bitter drinks are reserved for men alone. This means that the new brand of bitter is now loved by fine and successful ladies and, at the same time, it has gotten more fame from rich individuals who are proud to hold and film with the drink.

Facts About Odogwu Bitter

The facts about Odogwu Bitter drink include its benefits to the human body system. It is an energy booster that helps in raising the libido and provides antioxidants that assist the digestion system of the physique, also helps the physique battle flu and widespread chilly, Odogwu Bitter boosts the immune system and may aid in stress reduction, blood sugar regulation, and weight loss.

And as to the ingredients used in its production, Odogwu Bitter is an alcoholic drink that includes an ancient herbal mix and the inclusion of both honey and ginger for its activeness.

This preparation is trusted and confirmed to ensure a fast and pleasant finish throughout the physique.

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