Rowan Atkinson Biography, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Career, Education, & More


Unique at what he does, Mr. Bean will forever be known as the person who gave comedy a new definition.

He does this effortlessly without even singing, talking or dancing in most cases. In today’s article, we will be looking at details about his life and career that has been hidden or ignored. Here we go:




Rowan Atkinson, popularly referred to as Mr. Bean was born in Newcastle, England on the 6th of January 1955. He is the youngest among three children who are boys.




He was graduated with Master’s Degree certifications in electrical and electronics engineering at Newcastle and Oxford University. After becoming certified, he began to perform at clubs and theater centers around his hometown and in BBC Radio 3.




Shortly after performing in theater clubs around, he met renowned scriptwriter Richard Curtis, with whom he started writing and working with that the time. He worked with James Bond in a movie titled ‘Never Say Never Again’, and other best-selling movies and books such as ‘The Witches’, ‘Not The Nine O’ Clock News’, ‘Johnny English’, ‘Mr. Bean’, ‘The Lion King’, just to mention a few.

One unique quality about Rowan Atkinson that he has helped him become well known around the world is his unique comical facial expressions, with this special talent of his he has been able to adapt to many roles in many movies he has featured in.

He has gone ahead to be recognized both home and abroad these recognitions include: Cable Ace Performer Of The Year, BAFTA TV Awards, Golden Rose Winner, Hall Of Fame at OFTA TV and many others.




Rowan Atkinson is a father of three children, two of which came from his divorced wife and one from his actress girlfriend, Louise Ford.



He is estimated to be worth over $200,000.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the interesting career of Mr. Bean.

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