Advanatges and Disadvantages of taking Prenatal Vitamins when Pregnant

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The vital aspect of good health that you need is a balanced diet that gives all the nutrients, particularly for mums that are expectant a baby.

Prenatal vitamins help in boosting any necessary nutrients (which are essential for the healthful maturing of the fetus) found to be missing from the mother’s diet.

Even though many doctors advise that taking prenatal vitamins is essential. There are a few risks involved. And you might be required to consult your doctor before you take them to be enlightened always about their effects.

Here are a few of the pros and cons of taking prenatal vitamins during pregnancy.

The advantages of taking prenatal vitamins when you are pregnant:

Considering healthy surroundings for your newborn baby’s growth is by taking the appropriate prenatal vitamins. Adding the nutrients that could be absent in your diet, and avoiding lack of nutrition.


Promotes Healthy Fetal Growth

Pregnant mothers like you are expected to have a sufficient amount of nutrients to secure the healthy growth of their newborn babies. For example, folic acid is essential for the accepted development of the spinal cord, and brain cells and calcium are responsible for making sure the muscles are developed healthily.

Many nutrient insufficiencies have been discovered in babies with very great disabilities stimulated by inadequate fetal development like cerebral palsy.


Respectively, in over 65%, 75%, and 90% of kids with cerebral palsy, vitamin A deficiency. And Vitamin B complex deficiency and low vitamin D levels were discovered.

It is sad to know that once the child grows cerebral palsy there is no reversal. Attending therapies and taking medications can only reduce the signs, even if it is paired with early detection. This is why, aside from adequate nutrition, practicing checking for a disease when there are no symptoms is very essential as it highs the chances of noticing cerebral palsy on time and proceeding to treatment. You can get more information on this website facts about this common infancy motor disability.

Supplements for a No-for-Perfect Diet

Most women forbid eating some types of food, like meat or dairy. Women like this will gain more prenatal vitamins to give their bodies the proper nutrients that are not included in their normal diet. Pregnancy vitamins help make sure that the fetus is being supplied with all the essential nutrients that it needs for growth and development without issues

Listed below are some examples of women that might find taking prenatal vitamins very needful:

  • Dedicated vegetarians that do not get enough iron in their meals.
  • Those that do not stay long outside.
  • Women who do not eat or drink dairy foods that have calcium. Which is an essential nutrient for the development of bone.

Prevents Nutritional Insufficiencies

Staying healthy as an expectant mother is guaranteed by prenatal vitamins. However, these boosters help avoid the experience of nutritional insufficiency. Which can deprive effect of not only fetal growth but as well your health.

Listed below are some examples of nutritional insufficiencies and the imaginable deprivation effects on your baby:

  • Folic acid deficiency –  A deficiency B vitamin in folic acid, is often found in green leafy vegetables. And this can lead to miscarriages, malformations like cleft lip or palate, and heart disarray. It has also been linked with newborns with low birth heaviness and all those that are affected by neural defects.
  • Calcium deficiency – Infants who are affected by calcium deficiency have a higher possibility to be affected by osteoporosis. This has an effect when they get older.
  • Iron deficiency – while you are pregnant and you consume too little iron, you are then exposed to the risks of having miscarriages which might also result in making your baby experience some poor health conditions, such as anemia and low birth heaviness.
  • Vitamin D deficiency – A lack/shortage of vitamin D can lead to weak bones and low blood calcium in newborn infants.

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