Unical Senate Announces Shift In Date For Closure Of Portal

The University Senate under the leadership of the Vice Chancellor, Prof Florence Obi has announced another shift in date of the closure of the School charges portal and course Registration Portal.

The Vice Chancellor and Chairman of Senate, Prof Florence Obi disclosed this during the 229th regular meeting of The University Senate held on Thursday 13thJanuary 2022.

According to the Vice Chancellor, registration portal will now close at midnight on the 22nd of January 2022, while examination will now commence from 26th January, 2022.

Student who have not registered their courses are advised to take advantage of the window of opportunity provided.

  1. Please I am a student of 200 level from faculty of education, I am appealing for this date to be pleased shifted as a lot of us (student)are waiting for our parents to be paid salaries so, we can make our payment of school fees and register our courses…thanks

  2. Good evening sir/madam, I’m a student of 100 level but my fellows students must of them does not have the complete payment that has been requiring from the school management, shifting of exam will not solved the issues that we’re having, at least paying 60% was help but they didn’t have by then, now that some of them has the 60%, the management add(additional charges of late payment, please we need your help, that is the problem that we the students of University of Calabar, Calabar have

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